One of TFW's specialties is the design and fabrication of standard and custom desks. Rather than a traditional, boring desk, why not add some form to the function. Check out some more modern, eye-catching options. Our desks range in style and cost. Standard desks can vary between $845-$1,400 depending on wood and leg type, drawer options, etc. Our larger, custom desks start around $1,800 and the price raises from there with details like logo inlays, glass inlays, colored epoxy resin, and more. Please contact for more information. 


Walnut Desk - Standard

Our most popular desk option: This specific walnut desk features a large drawer and house-made steel legs.


Ash Desk - Standard

Also popular but a lighter option: This is a solid Ash desk featuring house-made steel legs.


Custom Desks

A TFW Specialty: If you would like something that will withstand the test of time while also being the center-piece of the room, contact us for a custom-made desk. These can feature preferred wood-colors, glass or metal inlays in the shape of a river or your logo, custom-colored epoxies, custom leg types, you name it. - To see a glimpse of what is involved in a custom desk build, check out the short video below!