The Garlic Poet Restaurant

Hello All!

On Friday we happily delivered two awesome elm table tops to The Garlic Poet Restaurant's new artisan pizza shop, called Grain + Verse Bottlehouse in Hershey PA, opening February 6th. The client wanted to make some cast iron piping legs himself, which we are excited to see in the next week or two. 

Those Elm slabs though...

They came out beautifully. Each slab had a giant crack (or cracks) down the middle and others throughout, which allowed us to do the common butterfly inlay technique to stabilize any further separation and add support. Along with the butterflies, we used our West System crystal clear marine epoxy to fill the cracks and other checks and dips in the wood to create a smooth and level surface all around on both tables. 

With the burls on the sides of the slabs, the figuring throughout the grain, the dark contrasting cracks throughout the tables and the cherry butterflies, they turned out to be pretty badass and it was a success in the end, after a good 30 or 40 hours of work.

Looking forward to seeing how well the legs compliment the top. Updates to come!