Fallen Ash Tree Milling - Fourth of July Weekend

A few days before the Fourth of July weekend, we got a phone call from a friend. The day before the call, the Tri-State area experienced one of the worst storms of the summer as high winds, flooding, tornadoes, and baleful blasts of lightning wreaked havoc. Perhaps simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, a 40-foot branch was struck by lightning and sent plummeting to the ground, ripped apart from its 200-plus year old trunk.

Thankfully, there was no property damage and the approximately 5 ton branch fell into a small patch of woods. The owner of the property thought that TFW might make some use out of a few tons of wood, so he gave us a call and had us hurry over. We arrived early morning on the 4th, and, looking at the sheer magnitude of the wood, knew that we were in for a great day. 

In order to mill the gigantic branch, we had cut it into 3 separate logs with a chainsaw, but first had to saw off any protruding, smaller branches. 

Each log weighed about 1 ton, which made dislodging them with solely a chainsaw difficult. Eventually, we resorted to the uncommon but extremely efficient method known as "ramming into the logs with your truck."

Eventually however, the logs were separated completely and ready to be loaded onto the mill. We sought the help of a local sawyer, John, whose portable sawmill allows you to mill a tree with a maximum 36 inch diameter. 

As we picked up each slab that rolled off the mill, we could not stop marveling at the beauty and texture of the grain patterns or the complex coloring rarely seen in an Ash. Let's just say we are excited.

It took two trips to bring 3 tons worth of slabs back to the warehouse, where they were stacked and left to dry in the open air for a few months before we place them in a hand-made solar kiln. We cannot wait until they are dry and ready to be made into beautiful Timber Forge Woodworks pieces. 

We hope your 4th was as well spent as ours!