Holiday Happenings

Cucumber Magnolia live-edge dining table

Well, we've actually had a bit of interest in our woodwork recently and are in the middle of finishing a few jobs before their Christmas deadline. Of course it was last-minute requests so with approaching deadlines, other work during the day, and the required girlfriend holiday time we are BOOKED and end up with some long evening hours.  However, if we are to spend time on anything, it should be something we love (and are actually getting paid for!).     

Our largest job right now is a cucumber magnolia live-edge dining table (pictured left). Yes, it is as cool and bad-ass as it sounds. Lou has dropped in 6 butterfly keys to stabilize some minor cracks, and the hard maple legs are being measured and cut to size for fitting.  This is the largest piece we have ever made and we are all excited for someone to appreciate and truly enjoy the beauty and craftmanship that goes into it. More photos to come!